(Pre-)Golden Age Science Fiction Free Online

The Best Science Fiction Stories: 1950

The Best Science Fiction Stories: 1950 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Instead of continuing to discuss the development of science fiction as a genre of literature, this post is going to talk about resources for finding Golden Age and pre-Golden Age science fiction, whether short stories, novellas or novels, freely available online. In many cases, copyright was never renewed and so much of the literature I will refer to in posts to come (as well as stuff I shan’t mention) can be found on-line cost-free in full, both as texts and audio-files of stories and books being read. Google is your friend in this regard as lists are virtually imposible to keep up to date.

Two of the greatest resources in this regard are Librivox and Project Gutenberg. The former does list short stories and novels, but again such lists will never entirely be up to date. The index for science fiction on Project Gutenberg might be more reliable.

Another good point to make here is that Project Gutenberg is multilingual and so works in a variety of languages can be found.

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