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The Lost Fleet: an otherwise well done example of an unfortunate trend

While for the most part I intend this blog to concentrate on science fiction classics, most fundamentally the discussion is about the genre of science fiction as literature– the good and the bad. To my mind, one of the worst … Continue reading

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The robot stories of Isaac Asimov

The order in which I choose to discuss classic works of science fiction and which works I choose specifically are not generally intended to have any conscious implications. Thus, I start with an old favorite which I happen to have … Continue reading

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Introduction to science fiction as literature

Science fiction as a genre of literature (generally novels and short stories) tends to differ greatly from what passes as science fiction on TV or in the movies. The differences while difficult to delineate tend to be easy to understand … Continue reading

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What this second blog is to be about

My first blog deals with literature in the original language and in depth. Currently there I am discussing the Odyssey in depth by going through the original Greek. While in this blog I will also tend to discuss works being … Continue reading

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